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Związek Polskie Okna i Drzwi

The first edition of the „2021 Building Awards” competition initiated by the POiD Association was just launched

Polish Windows and Doors Association (POiD Association) had announced POiD’s 2021 Building Awards – the industry’s first competition, seeking and presenting the best solutions for woodwork and building automation in the context of completed architectural projects.

Since its establishment, the POiD Association has been consistently introducing new projects aimed at promoting woodwork and good assembly practices such as Good Assembly, Replace Woodwork with Good Assembly and the Polish Woodwork Congress. In 2021, they will be enriched by a new initiative, the POiD’s Building Awards competition, which aims to identify the best presentations of woodwork products in architectural facilities.

As an organization that brings together the industry in the broadest sense, we want to recall and emphasize the role of woodwork products in the development of architecture and construction from the technology and functionality point of view, as well as aspects that determine the aesthetic value of objects. The best application of products in each category is to be determined by an industry competition, POiD’s Building Awards, in which modern woodwork solutions will be presented in the context of completed architectural projects – says Paweł Wroblewski, Managing Director of the POiD Association and Competition Commissioner.

The aim of the Competition is not only a competition between enterprises, but above all, to identify the best solutions and good practices and its popularization through extensive communication, as well as media and content patrons. The long – term goal is also to raise the standards of work and project implementation at every stage of their development and cooperation between the entities involved.

POiD Association invites to the competition both manufacturers and suppliers of woodwork components used in the facility. Products from the following categories will be submitted to the competition: windows, doors and gates, facades, as well as automation and smart home used in 3 types of facilities: in an individual building, in a multi-apartment building and in a public building. An independent jury in their assessment will take into account, among others, the form and function of the product, the conformity of the architectural expression of the object with its purpose, innovation expressed by the technology and method of installation, but also the impact on the environment and the impact of the woodwork on the energy efficiency of the building. Objects can be submitted from the beginning of February via a dedicated application.

The competition will be supervised by an independent jury chaired by professor, habilitated doctor Ewa Kuryłowicz. It will be supported by: doctor engineer of architecture Monika Arczyńska, professor, habilitated doctor engineer Tomasz Błaszczyński, doctor engineer Szymon Firląg and master engineer of architecture Karol Fiedor.

Demonstrating the comprehensive context of the products in the projects submitted for the competition requires professional and objective evaluation, which can only be provided by experts with a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience. Therefore, we invited personalities who through their achievements have a real impact on the development of Polish construction, architecture and design, to participate as jurors. We want the authority of the Competition Jury to build the rank of this innovative, but also needed in our times, initiative – adds Paweł Wróblewski.

Woodwork is an indispensable element of architecture and has always fulfilled its structural function. On the other hand, it has repeatedly been a determinant of individual epochs and styles in architecture. Today, the potential of innovative woodwork allows the implementation of even the most adventurous architectural projects. The best ones will be selected by the POiD’s Building Awards competition, which will open in February 2021.