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POiD’s 2021 Building Awards – why show up here?

In February, the first edition of the POiD’s 2021 Building Awards 2021, a competition for the joinery industry, was launched. The new initiative of the POiD Association is an interesting form of competition, an opportunity to present the offer among the best solutions on the market, but also a source of new ideas and inspiration for the industry.

 The primary objective of the POiD’s 2021 Building Awards is to show the practical application of windows, doors, gates, facades, building automation and smart home products. The presentation of interesting projects, in which these products play an important role, becomes a guideline and inspiration for active or future architects or investors. Both manufacturers and suppliers of joinery components used in finished architectural structures are invited to participate in the competition Products from the following categories will be submitted to the competition: windows, doors and gates, facades, as well as automation and smart home used in 3 types of facilities: in an individual building, in a multi-apartment building and in a public building.

Both large corporations as well as medium and small enterprises can compete for the Grand Prix of the POiD’s 2021 Building Awards 2021 competition. It is important that they pride themselves on the quality of their products, which will be presented at their destinations – completed architectural objects.

Equal opportunity

It is important that everyone has equal opportunities. An independent jury in their assessment will take into account, among others, the form and function of the product, the conformity of the architectural expression of the object with its purpose, innovation expressed by the technology and method of installation, but also the impact on the environment and the impact of the joinery on the energy efficiency of the building.

Confirmation and guarantee of transparency of the competition is an independent jury, which will be supervised by an independent jury chaired by professor, habilitated doctor Ewa Kuryłowicz. It will be supported by: doctor engineer of architecture Monika Arczyńska, professor, habilitated doctor engineer Tomasz Błaszczyński, doctor engineer Szymon Firląg and master engineer of architecture Karol Fiedor.

The prestige of the POiD Building Awards competition is built on cooperation with authorities, institutions and organizations with the greatest influence on the development of Polish construction and architecture. Honorary patronage was provided by the Ministry of Development, Technology and Labor. Content patrons were joined by such institutions as ITB, NAPE, SARP, PLGBC, PZFD, as well as the Faculty of Architecture of Warsaw University of Technology, Gdansk University of Technology, Cracow University of Technology, Lodz University of Technology, Opole University of Technology, Poznan University of Technology. Such support helped to create a space where simply participating and reaching the finals demonstrates the outstanding offerings of the participants.

Acquiring new investors

Participation in the POiD’s 2021 Building Awards can create new, long-term partnerships. Such strategic business partnerships can provide a competitive advantage, not to mention additional resources to create innovative projects. 

Participation in the competition is an effective promotional tool, supporting PR and marketing activities. The POiD Building Awards competition will run until the end of April 2021 and will be accompanied by extensive, multichannel communication in the Polish and international media. Earlier submission of objects for a competition means a longer period of promotion, until the announcement of the results, which will take place during the Polish Joinery Congress on June 1st, 2021. Additional performance publication activities will be provided for the winners. The communication is supported by media patrons, among them the following editorial offices: Architektura&Biznes, Sztuka Architektury, Archtektura:, Architektura: Murator, Info Architekta, Bryła, Ładny Dom,, Budujemy Dom, Dom Szyty na Miarę,,,, Obud, RBT, Monter Stolarki, Świat Aluminium i Świat Szkła.

Winning the Grand Prix is also an opportunity to promote the company itself and raise brand awareness. It is worth updating press materials, include information about the award in press releases, advertisements, newsletters, on the website and in social media. It is a positive message, which when skillfully used increases company’s visibility, facilitates business talks and opens new opportunities.

The power of benchmarking

The process of applying for an award can become a pretext to look at your company from a different perspective and compare yourself to the competition in terms of innovation, product portfolio or diversity. This allows companies to even better identify areas for improvement. Participation in the competition also helps to learn about trends, market expectations, competition achievements and industry challenges. This is one of those elements that can become more valuable than the prize itself.

Employee motivation

Participation in the competition boosts team morale and echoes in the workplace, which also improves team productivity. Knowing that their work is recognized as one of the best or working for a company that is among the best can encourage your teammates to perform even better. Each award confirms the company’s position among new candidates. By presenting themselves as the best, companies can attract the talent needed to grow their business.

 POiD’s 2021 Building Awards – why show up here?

There are no losers in the POiD Building Awards competition. Participation itself is a guarantee of gaining valuable knowledge of the market and competitors.  It can provide mobilization and inspiration for change. Winning can have a great impact on a company’s condition, brand image, and also on employees. And what are the companies that have decided to take on the role of the Patron of the Competition driven by. Here’s the response of the company representatives from such firms as: Aluprof, Fakro,  Glassolutions, Ponzio and Reaynaers.

The competition is held via a dedicated competition application available at The creator of the application is the Poznan-based agency Job Done. Job Done, in cooperation with The Imagine agency, is also responsible for the concept and implementation of the project.

Małgorzata Wojtasik – Commercial Director and Member of the Board at Aluprof S.A.

Aluprof, operating on the market for 70 years as a leading supplier of innovative aluminum systems, believes in the power of undertakings aimed at the development of the construction industry. As many as 7/10 buildings in Poland are based on our solutions. For years, Aluprof has been implementing the most courageous architectural visions and delivering tailor-made, individual solutions in architecture and construction, and such solutions are awarded in the POiD’s 2021 Building Awards competition. As a socially responsible and trend setting company, we want to participate in creating the image of the Polish joinery and build a better future together.

Marta Gmyrek – Marketing Creation Specialist at Fakro

Our participation in the competition as a Patron was obvious for several reasons. First of all, as one of the leading manufacturers of construction joinery in Poland, we try to engage in all important projects supporting and developing the industry. Secondly, POiD’s Building Awards competition promotes innovative approach to joinery and FAKRO company as a supplier of a comprehensive range of carpentry and joinery supports individual and original projects. And another reason is the opportunity to show our products and solutions in social media, especially in the context of innovation, design and high quality. As a result, FAKRO provides information on its entire range of joinery products, not only to customers, but also to architects.


Benedykt Korduła – Marketing Director at Saint-Gobain Glass and Glassolutions

Poland can be proud of its windows and doors industry. We are the world leader in the export of windows and doors. Our clients, with their courage, hard work and talent, for many years have been changing the living standards of Poles, but they are also able to meet the tastes of many other nations. The Glassolutions brand was delighted to be asked to become a Patron of the POiD Building Awards, as we take every opportunity to promote high quality glazing in windows, grow with our partners and, together with them, raise awareness of the importance of high quality glazing in windows and its impact on the quality, health and comfort of our lives.

Ewa Wiśniewska – PR Specialist at Ponzio Poland

For several decades, our products have been contributing to the architectural landscape not only of Poland, but also of the entire Europe. The competition will allow to select and present the most interesting, innovative solutions that are often designed individually for a given facility, using a full range of technological possibilities. In addition, it is a great opportunity to emphasize the importance of cooperation between the system developer, architect and contractor. During the implementation of each investment, we create an integral whole, which results in unique buildings, and sometimes real icons of architecture.+

Paweł Cymkiej – Sales Director at Reynaers Aluminium Poland

As Europe’s leading specialist for innovative, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient aluminum systems, we are committed to being not just a supplier, but above all a partner to architects, manufacturers and investors. Close cooperation with architects at every stage of design is part of our company’s DNA. We successfully offer innovative digital solutions to facilitate conceptual work – such as the AVALON virtual reality room. This cooperation allows us to create comfortable and safe buildings with a unique design, and such projects are synonymous with our brand. We have been a partner of the POiD Association for many years and we are willing to engage in initiatives that emphasize the importance of the architect in the entire project implementation process. We are pleased that we will be able to participate in the event which will expose and reveal all of the most important projects and present investments with our systems used.

Patrons of the Competition: Aluprof, FAKRO, Glasssolutions, Ponzio, Reynaers Aluminium

Category Partners: Aluplast, Porta , Somfy Polska, WIŚNIOWSKI

Content Patrons: Building Research Institute, SARP, Association of Polish Architects, National Energy Conservation Agency, Polish Association of Developers, Polish Society of Ecological Construction, Cracow University of Technology, Lodz University of Technology, Opole University of Technology, Poznan University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture of Warsaw University of Technology.

 Media Patrons: Architektura&Biznes,, ŁadnyDom, ladnydompl, Bryłapl, budujemydompl, DOM SZYTY NA MIARĘ, RBT, ArchitekturaMurator, muratorplus Monter Stolarki,, Okna.21,, Wortal Sztuka Architektury, Świat Szkła, Świat Aluminium.