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POiD Building Awards 2021 with the patronage of Ministry of Labor and Technology Development

The POiD’s 2021 Building Awards competition has been approved by the Ministry of Labor and Technology Development. The Ministry became the Honorary Patron of the first edition of the event.

It is an honor, but also an indication that the competition is a transparent initiative, and above all, it is necessary for the development of companies in the woodwork industry, as well as for raising labor standards and project implementation at every stage of their development.

Products from the following categories will be submitted to the competition: windows, doors and gates, facades, as well as automation and smart home used in 3 types of facilities: in an individual building, in a multi-apartment building and in a public building

Both large corporations as well as medium and small enterprises can compete for the Grand Prix of the POiD’s 2021 Building Awards 2021 competition. It is important that they pride themselves on the quality of their products, which will be presented at their destinations – completed architectural objects.

Best projects can be submitted from the beginning of February via a dedicated application available at

Content Patrons: Building Research Institute, Association of Polish Architects, National Energy Conservation Agency, Polish Association of Developers, Polish Society of Ecological Construction, Cracow University of Technology, Lodz University of Technology, Opole University of Technology, Poznań University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, Warsaw University of Technology.

Media Patrons: Architektura&Biznes, Architektura Info, Ładny Dom,, Brył,, Dom Szyty na Miarę, RBT, Monter Stolarki,, Okna21, Sztuka Architektury, Świat Szkła, Świat Aluminium, Oknonet,, Architektura:Murator.

Patrons of the competition: Aluprof, Fakro Glasssolutions, Ponzio, Reynaers.