Fabryka Okien DAKO

Al. Piłsudskiego 88

33-300 Nowy Sącz

Tel. +48 18 449 28 00

fax +48 18 449 28 88



DAKO Windows Factory is the 20-year innovation history which aims at delivering the top-quality products to customers from all over the world.

The company strategy embraces constant modernization of production process as well as the development of the professional sale network. DAKO quality has been approved by numerous prizes, certyficates and positive opinions of customers.  The best testimony comprise millions of products sold to several countries.

DAKO Group offer:

– windows, entrance and sliding doors in PVC, wood and aluminium

– contructions and aluminium fasades

– anti-fire and steel doors

– sectional and rolling garage doors

– industrial garage doors

– exterior roller blinds

– textiles and mosquito screens

The world range of the company embraces among all Europe, Izraeli, Tunisia, Japan and Mexico.